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                   Berjaya Group is looking for people in the US
           and globally who are interested in being in 
           partnership with them owning organic franchise
           stores. A partnership where Berjaya takes all the risk,
           paying a quarter million dollars for each store,
           which includes stocking it, legal fees, 3-5 year 
           leases, all utilities, directly paying and supporting
           store staff, all store advertising, and the list goes on.
           You can benefit financially if you know people
           who would like to have a franchise / online store
           or if you would like one yourself.
           See the corporate site to find out how easy it is to
           qualify for a store. After 31 years of business
           Berjaya Group is just now opening the US with
           10,000 stores. This expansion will take a few years.
           There are over 50 stores since launch a few months
           ago. US territory is wide open now. There are almost
           2000 of these eCosway store worldwide.   

Macy's quality products at Walmart prices. eCosway  searches world wide for the most advanced, cutting edge, high quality products they can find while their shear buying power allows them to offer them to the global community at beyond remarkable prices. See some of the products in amazing color here...
         click here  eCatalog 
          You can order products online. Become a VIP 
          customer allowing you to get free products for 
          referring others to these products right on line.

                Learn how to obtain a franchise store through this       
                 See the corporate site for getting started and details.

THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG is to give you to give you an inside snap shot of these franchises, background on eCosway, a birds eye view of Berjaya - the conglomerate that builds and co-operates these franchises globally, financials including annual reports, some 3rd party perspective, a good look at some of the products, and a concrete look at some of the businesses run by Berjaya Group.
What an amazing powerhouse to have behind you as you pursue your franchise venture. Click on the links (words in light blue) to fully experience this journey. Especially see eCatalog and click on all the links on the BERJAYA BUSINESSES link.
You'll be amazed at what you find not to mention that this company owns it's own airline. See The corporate responsibility link and media link will give you a little insight on the spirit,heart, and soul of this global giant.

          Start your own franchise venture

     Interview with Stephanie Davis US president of Ecosway.

31 year old Multi-Billion Dollar Malaysian Conglomerate  called the Berjaya
Group pays all cost to open and run these stores, including advertising and
insurances. All product is consigned. Store owners just step in and run them risk
free! There are now 1,800 stores world wide.

This is Berjaya Times Square...just a tiny fragment of what they own globally!
Conglomerate did over 6.6 Billion last year.

see Berjaya Businesses
  You will quickly see how they are able to lay out a quarter million dollars for each franchise store without taking money out of the store owners pocket. This is a co-ownership.

Earnings & Estimates Summary - BERJAYA CORP BHD (BRYAF)

2011 revenues at Berjaya Corporation totaled $6.6B, while annual earnings equaled $0.07
per share. SEE Bloomberg REPORT

Bloomberg states about BERJAYA revenue growth

Financial Statements for BERJAYA PHILIPPINES INC (BCOR)

“Year over year, Berjaya Philippines Inc. has been able to grow revenues from $1.5B to $2.0B.

Most impressively, the company has been able to reduce the percentage of sales

devoted to cost of goods sold, SGA expenses and income tax expenses. All of

these improvements led to a bottom line growth from $645.0M to $1.0B.”

Berjaya Group owns the 711, Sheareton, Wendy's, Starbucks, Border Books,
etc. franchises throughout
the orient. They own other hotels, resorts, theme
parks, and so much more see 
Berjaya Businesses  

More Berjaya Group businesses!

Berjaya Hotel in London

10,000 ORGANIC FRANCHISE STORES over the next few years.
Stores are starting to
pop up all over the US like someone turned
a water faucet on wide
open! In just a few months, now 50 + stores.

    Start your own franchise venture

US Home Office - BLDG four times larger was just added.

There is an amazing fund raising system available for churches and

Send guest if you can't attend they will be routed back to who invited them.


Financial Statements for COSWAY CORP LTD (288)

Year over year, Cosway Corporation Limited has been able to grow revenues
from $2.3B to $3.4B.

Most impressively, the company has been able to reduce the percentage of
sales devoted to income

tax expense from 2.61% to 2.42%. This was a driver that led to a bottom line
growth from $211.8M to $268.7M.
See Bloomberg Report     See eCosway Annual Reports

In the US the stores were called eCOSWAY but will be called Country Farm
Organics after January!
They bring an amazing collection of natural products
from many sources worldwide to the

Soon there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony for you and your store!

                            Get your own online store and or qualify for your own no cost / no risk franchise store
Order products.  right on line here 
Independent Business Owner support: 240 515 8060   240 696 0321  

                  Such a rare opportunity!  Enjoy it and share it! 

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